Donate to H.O.W.L.

Rehabilitators pay out of pocket costs while caring for dozens of animals in need. Even small donations make a big difference.

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What Can $5 Buy?

Ever wonder just how much your donation can do for wildlife? Maybe more than you might think! It can all add up when rehabbers are trying to pay out-of-pocket costs for caring for dozens of animals in need. Even a small donation can do a lot!

$5 can buy a week’s worth of meal worms for bats, baby bottles, or evaporated milk

$10 can buy 50 lbs of bird seed, one tube of Nutri-Cal(R) Supplement or enough formula to feed baby squirrels for two weeks

$15 can buy a heating pad to keep babies warm

$20 can buy one prescription of antibiotics or wormer, one X-Ray

$30 can buy one Vet visit, two heating pads, or one small cage

So every little bit helps! And 100% of your charitable donation goes to rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife.

Thank you!