Connecticut wildlife rehabilitators uniting to serve injured and displaced wildlife

Building a better community of dedicated volunteers to Help Our Wildlife Live (H.O.W.L.)

Hawk Rescue

"It's all about bringing together rehabbers and the good people of Connecticut to help our wildlife live. Join us!"
Wanda D'Agostino
Co-Founder, H.O.W.L.

How You Can Help H.O.W.L.


Volunteers are needed to pick up or drop off contained distressed wildlife. There is a shortage for this service in Northern Connecticut, but volunteers are always needed throughout the state. To get started, join the Connecticut Wildlife Transport Facebook group.  


Connecticut wildlife rehabbers do not receive state funding. They volunteer their time and resources, often at great expense. Please consider donating to a licensed rehabber. Even a little bit goes a long way to help provide for food, bedding and supplies. We are now accepting donations through PayPal.


Help legislators, the media and the community know about the amazing services provided by Connecticut wildlife rehabbers. Share your stories in social media about a rescue or release that you saw. And be sure to join the H.O.W.L. Meetup group!

Returning to the Wild

Injured and distressed wildlife brought back to health by licensed rehabbers are not pets. The goal is to release wildlife back into the environment as soon as they are able to thrive. In many cases, wildlife is even returned near the area where they were originally rescued as long as it is safe for wildlife and humans alike.

What Your Donations Can Buy

Every bit helps. You can’t imagine how hungry our raptors and other wildlife can be. Or how much they can benefit from necessary items like formula and heating pads. Consider even a small donation to help defray the cost of helping our wildlife live.

$ 0

Your donation can provide a week’s supply of delicious mealworms for bats. Bats are some of our best friends, helping to keep pesky insects in check.

$ 0

Just $10 can buy a container of formula that feeds baby squirrels for two weeks. That’s two weeks that can mean all the difference for our little friends.

Heating Pad
$ 0

Our wildlife babies miss the warmth of their mothers. Heating pads ensure consistent warmth and a sense of calm to keep these precious creatures healthy and comfortable.

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