A Christmas Owl

By Wanda D’Agostino I had just finished clearing off the table from our Christmas brunch when the phone rang. It was a young woman from Manchester who said an owl had flown into her window and was lying on her patio. She was afraid it was dying. I told her to gently throw a towel …

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A Winter Rescue

By Kaz Skoczylas The score was Green Bay Packers 7, Chicago Bears 0 in the NFL divisional playoff when the phone rang. It was my sister Wanda D’Agostino asking if I could respond to a call from someone who had reported an injured hawk by the side of a road. As I neared the location, …

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Victor the Vulture

by Wanda D’Agostino Victor interrupted our Sunday dinner by getting hit by a car on I-84 one day. The call came in just as I was sitting down. A man had seen the injured turkey vulture, and managed to catch him. However, the emergency vet he took him to could only offer him euthanasia because …

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