Red-Tailed Hawk Release in Windsor Locks


Wildlife rehabbers Wanda D’Agostino and Thomas Church release a red-tailed hawk in Southwest Park in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. The hawk was found a few streets over from the park. It suffered a broken bone in its wing, but with some special care from Bolton Vet and H.O.W.L. CT, the hawk was strong enough for a release in early August.





“Scones & Bones” Dog Treats

Scones & Bones are healthy dog treats baked in small batches by hand in a local bakery (CT Bakery #15526). Scones & Bones are organic and made with goji barriers, which have proven health benefits for people and pets. A portion of each sale will be donated to H.O.W.L.

Cost: $7 per 8oz. bag (shipping + tax included) or 3 bags for $18.00. (They cost $7.95+ in stores.)

Email to place your order. You will then be contacted with details of shipping and payment.

Rescued Bats Just Hanging Around

(Just hanging around, getting ready for a release.)

(Just hanging around, getting ready for a release.)

Pictured are two of the five bats recently rescued by Connecticut Wildlife Rehabber Wanda D’Agostino. The three males and two females came from four different locations, including Hartford, Wethersfield, Bloomfield, and Coventry, Connecticut. They are all doing well, and Wanda plans a BIG release in April or May of 2015… “depending on when the bugs come out again.”